How to choose your surgery interior designer

Finding the right designer is easier if you know what you are looking for. Here are some suggested criteria you might apply in the search for the designer you want to work with.

Professional qualifications

Does your designer have the appropriate qualifications for your project? In Australia, look for qualifications from either a TAFE or University, for example a Diploma of Interior Design or a Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design). As the industry is technical and creative, either is usually acceptable.

Previous experience

Check the experience of your designer to ensure they are capable of completing your project. Two ways to do this are:

  • review a folio of their previous work
  • speak to previous clients about their experiences

Technical abilities

Be clear about what you require from a designer, and make sure they have the skills and experience for what you need.

It may be useful to review this in terms of:

  • Concept: able to develop a floor plan, colour/materials boards and 3D illustrations
  • Documentation: full working drawings and specifications


When a surgery design is involved, there are some speciality areas of knowledge that are relevant. These include:

  • health requirements
  • infection control
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • disabled access regulations

Not every project is the same, but where relevant you may want to speak to your designer about their knowledge of each of these areas.

Keen and available

While not always easy, it is good practice to assess how keen a designer is to take on your project, and what their availability is. You may get a better outcome with a designer who is keen on the job and has time available, as compared to another designer who has multiple other jobs that are a lot more important than yours.

There are a number of direct questions you might consider to help you decide this:

  • What do you think of the design concept I am seeking?
  • Is the budget I outlined realistic?
  • Is the timeline appropriate? Are there any aspects of the project that are more likely to involve delays?
  • Do you have the time available to take on this project?


Working with a designer can often be a very personal experience – hire someone you like and feel comfortable discussing your work and habits with.

Compare Quotes

Every designer’s scope and service varies person to person, just as your brief is unlike many others. These differences make it difficult to compare quotes. Look for a designer who is able to tailor their service to your needs now and be able to adjust it later if the need arises.