Common mistakes in surgery projects

Here is a list of things to avoid in your own surgery project.

Jumping in too early

When renovating, many people tend to start on the main issue that is concerning them instead of looking at the entire space – or without thinking about a master plan. If you decide you want to do only some of the work to start with, it’s a good idea to ‘future plan’ the whole area, so you have an overall direction for the space.

Underrating your surgery design

A well formulated and constructed design adds significant value to your business. Also, consider the day to day workings of your environment – a well designed surgery maximizes the efficiency of the space and ensures you, your staff and patients enjoy being in the space.

Not considering the future of your business

Think about how your career has changed to date and how future changes might effect your work space – have you worked for someone else, gone out on your own, bought an existing practice, started a new practice, had one or more partners, increased staff, had a hygienist, thought about having an OPG etc. How best can your surgery cope with these changes?

Minimising (or overlooking) the design process to save money

It’s always more cost effective to have spent time in the planning stage, especially if you’re working to a strict budget. It is often easier to do something well when you have plenty of money to do it. Getting good advice first will help you determine exactly what you want, so then you can research the best way to achieve it according to your budget.

Pricing off incomplete drawings

Pricing off incomplete drawings and specifications and being unsure of what you are actually getting can mean not getting what you imagined and leaves you vulnerable to paying a premium for extras, additional work or variations.

Not discussing your budget

It is important to be candid about your budget. Only a very small percentage of the population will not be concerned about the budget. Your designer should be able to advise you on current costs associated with surgery fitouts and direct you to a design that complements the amount you want to spend.