Why Your Designer MUST Do a Great Layout For Your New Practice

When it comes to deciding on someone to design your new practice, you want someone who knows your industry, has worked on other practices before, someone who can show you a plan on paper…right…?

Unfortunately, seeking the best design services for your new practice can be as difficult as buying a car. Think of the wide range of car makes and models available. You can get something basic that gets you from A to B, a family car, a smart car, something vintage, or something a little luxurious.

Before coming to us, our clients have often spoken to a number of people who say they could design their practice. There’s the other designers, the builder who has been building practices for years, the equipment suppliers who have teamed up with designer, their mate who’s an architect.

So why have they come to us…?

In a nutshell, they weren’t happy with the floor plans they were given. The workflow felt wrong, the space awkward.

To us, the floor plan is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the design process. You’re paying for every square inch of that space and it needs to pay its way. You and your staff need to feel comfortable, not to mention the patients. The flow of the space needs to be effortless.

And as we all know, a picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll stop babbling on and SHOW you some real life case studies.

Case Study Number 1

First up we have an orthodontist looking at just over 100sqm in a brand new mixed use, multi storey development. The first design (on the left) was not quite what he had in mind, so he came to us (our plan is on the right).

Daniel O'Connor - sketch and Ego2

What we did (on the right):

  • Maintained the existing WC and Kitchenette locations
  • Created a welcoming entry
  • Increased waiting area seating from 4 to 13 chairs
  • Minimised the passageways
  • Functional OPG with Ceph
  • Inclusion of a refresh/brushing area
  • Combined the steri and lab (would prefer to keep them separate, but the number of the chairs was the priority)
  • Added an extra chair into the open plan area
  • Orthodontist-friendly consult
  • Added a hidden cleaners sink
  • Complies to AS 1428.1 2009 Access and Mobility

Our client was able to achieve our plan for 5% more than he was quoted for the first plan. Each of the spaces functions well, but most importantly he got an EXTRA CHAIR in the space.


Case Study Number 2

Now we’ll have a look at general dentist nearly 80sqm in an existing medical centre. Again, the first design (on the left) was not quite what he had in mind, so he came to us (our plan is on the right).

Sippy Downs - sketch and Ego2

What we did (on the right):

  • Relocated the waiting area to the shared centre area
  • Reception to the lease line as permitted
  • Enclosed the surgeries for privacy
  • Provided a lab
  • Provided a Plant room
  • Provided a Doctors office
  • Plenty of storage
  • Complies to AS 1428.1 2009 Access and Mobility

By ensuring that all the rooms would be comfortable and functional for both staff and patients and knowing how far we can push the space, gave our client a more ‘bang for his buck’.

These are just two of the projects we have worked on that have significantly improved the use of the space. We are constantly horrified (a strong word, but accurate) at floor plans are thrown together, without any thought on the impact of the new business or value on what an interior designer specialising in your area can offer.

We’d love to hear your experiences in getting a floor plan….!