Getting the best design for your practice

Or ‘Is it important that your designer has a niche…?’

You want to be at the top of your game, right…? To know all the latest technology and techniques. To offer you patients the best.

Well, why wouldn’t you ask the same of the person designing your practice…? The person who can make or break how well you practice works.

When talking to potential clients, we often hear ‘I’ve got a mate who’s an architect…’ I’m sure your mate will do you a good deal and put together something nice. However, something nice might not be enough. Will they know the intricacies of your equipment and workflow (or even know the right questions to ask…)…? Not necessarily.

It’s important to work with someone who’s been there before. Who knows that every dentist works differently, to offer different options. We’ve worked with so many different dentists and specialists that we can often offer you a few different ways to do the same thing.

You may have been working a certain way because that’s how the practice was set up (often years ago by someone else). But when setting up a new practice, we can help with offering better, more efficient ways to work. Some things you might never have thought about. And when you’re spending all that money, you want it to be right.

Also, technology is changing all the time and, although we don’t claim to be experts on your equipment, we have a good knowledge on how things work, what space and services are required and where they fit into the workflow of your practice.

It’s not all about the practice looking good (although this is important), it’s about getting the best design for your practice, making the best use of all of the space, ensuring you and your staff are working efficiently and your patients are comfortable and happy to come back and recommend you. So don’t just opt for something nice. Go for a practice design  that will take you to the next level of your business.