How big should my new practice be…?


Three surgeries in 90sqm…!

Actually, the question is usually ‘What is the minimum size do I need for my new practice..?’

Both very good questions – I can’t believe I haven’t addressed it before…!

There are a couple of things to take into consideration when looking at spaces (once you’ve determined geography, demographics, parking etc).

Firstly, (and probably obviously) how many chairs do you want to fit into the space…? You’ll also need to take into account other equipment requirements (OPG with or without ceph, lab facilities etc). And of course, reception, waiting, staff areas, offices and toilets.

Also, look at locations of entries and windows, columns and the proportion of the space.

In our time we’ve done some pretty tight spaces – you want to make the most out of every square centimetre, right…?

The smallest space we’ve ever done was a two chair practice in 62sqm….!

We’ve also done three chairs (and an access toilet…!) in 90sqm…! (see above)

How did we do it…? I’m glad you asked…!

We’ve found the more square the space, the better. Why..? Because we can cut down on the dreaded passages…passage take up A LOT of space. And there is nothing worse than a bowling alley in your practice.

It is getting more and more difficult to convert houses to consulting rooms, too. You might be OK if you decide to convert a large federation house with lovely wide hallways, but look at an old 80’s place and we’ll probably need to demolish most of the walls (trust me, we’ve done it…!)

The access and mobility requirements are significantly different to when we first started designing practices (and a lot more complicated). It used to be that you only had to allow 30% (or one surgery) accessibility, but now consulting rooms must be 100% accessible. This means you need to be able to have the required circulations spaces going into and coming out of each door way, passages need to be a certain width and don’t get me started if you have to turn a corner….!

And, if you do have a property you think will work, feel free to email through the details to us – we’re always happy to give you our opinion…!