Happy New Year…!

Happy New YearSo, we are half way through January already…!

2012 was a great year for us both personally and professionally. This time last year, Anthony and I had just welcomed our newest team member, Sukey Georgette (born 13 January 2012) and now we have a 12 month old (literally) running around the place.

I have obviously been kept busy with Sukey and big sister, Imari as well as looking after the admin side of Ego Squared. We had our first full year of articles in the Australasian Dental Practice magazine as well as keeping our websites and Facebook pages up to date. We have also been featured on some amazing design blogs (both Australian and International) which we are extremely excited about.

Anthony has designed some beautiful projects in the last year (check out our gallery) and we look forward to showing you more that were designed last year and are in various stages of council or pricing or construction. He is continuing with updating of our systems and streamlining our processes as well as the constant search for the perfect touches to personalise your practice.

2012 brought some major changes to the council approvals process here in WA which has made planning and building approvals (especially for healthcare) more challenging. We are finding ourselves getting further into the entire process of our projects from searching for properties for clients all the way through to submissions to private certifiers which is fantastic.

We are also relishing getting more into decorating – this is the last 10% of the project. After finalising all the architectural work and getting approvals and pricing and construction completed adding in those decorative pieces (rugs, waiting chairs, feature lighting, artwork, vases etc) at the end is the icing on the cake!

We love being able to offer our clients more!

So here’s to an amazing 2013!