Happy Birthday, Medifit…!

Our ad in ADP (Jul/Aug 12)We received our copy of the ADP magazine today and of course we flipped straight to the back to the Surgery Design section.

The usual suspects are there (including us – check out our article on Perth Prosthodontics) and we saw Medifit had written a synopsis of the last 10 years since they started.

Wow, where has the time gone…?

And Anthony and I were there at the beginning – now, I know this is a little unconventional…but, hey, it’s our history and something to be proud of.

Shall I tell you the story of how it all began…?

In 2002, I had been working for Geoff Raphael (Medifit’s design director) for 5 years and Anthony 2 years – we worked on all sorts of commercial interiors: pharmacies, restaraunts, shops, offices, you name it. As with most design companies, we were independant of any fitout or building company.

Then one day in 2002, we started working on a dental surgery and it was to be designed under the newly formed Medifit banner and constructed by one of the shopfitters who had been building our projects for a number of years. The design/construct combination had just started to become popular. I’m sure setting up of the company between the three directors took some doing, but it just seemed as though another project was coming through and that was what was important to us designers.

And then the projects kept coming and we developed systems and trained new staff and worked closely with the shopfitter and trades to write a standard specification and we starting working on projects Australia wide. It was all very exciting!

Another two exciting things happened that year – Anthony and I were married, then we bought a new (actually, really old!) house.  Looking back I guess that was the catalyst. We starting thinking about our future and how we wanted both our personal and working lives to be.

So, merely two years later at the end of 2004 we started Ego Squared Design Consultants. Two years after that we became Ego Squared Design Consultants Pty Ltd.

Coming up to eight years later, three offices, two children, two dogs and a (hopefully nearly finished) renovation we would like to wish the Medifit team a happy 10th birthday! We thank you for letting us cut our teeth with you (no pun intended).