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Selecting the right people to work on your project…

I’ve just written a new blog post on our Ego Squared website and it is really relevant to starting new practices… check it out here

Inspiration is everywhere…!


We are often asked how we come up with new ideas and looks for our projects. The answer is quite obsure and hard to define. I’ve said it before:

Inspiration is everywhere…!

Wherever we go we are looking at form, colours, textures…even going out to dinner* is a source of inspiration. We look at magazines, design and architecture blogs, online images, out and about, on TV – every part of our day. You never know where or when it will hit!

I find that in a normal, everyday conversation with a client an image of the ‘look’ or a ‘feel’ they are after will form. We then explore that idea and create something tangible – it’s amazing how it all comes together.

Now you may have noticed the pic of the amazing pair of shoes on your left  (how could you miss them really…!). Believe it or not, these shoes are the inspiration for our latest project (I will note that  I did not show this image to our clients – I don’t want to freak them out entirely…:)!).


We are so pleased that they are enthusiastic about the direction we are going and can’t wait to show you how we incorporate these amazing neon colours (carefully, subtly) into a fresh, fun and exciting new dental surgery…!  

 *BTW, I would not recommend going to dinner with interior designers – we spend at least half an hour discussing the restaraunt’s features, from the layout, the materials used all the way through to the lighting and the design of the loos…!

And we have been doing…what exactly…?

 Things are pretty busy in the Ego Squared studio at the moment…!

We were delighted to host the opening party for Dr Adrian Sue’s new practice, Perth Central Dental (check out the virtual tour here). This was an amazing/challenging/lengthy/exciting project that everyone involved was pleased to see open and trading. From now on it will be known as the ‘5-chairs-in-128sqm’ practice – phew!  A space planning miracle as not only did everything fit, but the space is 100% accessible AND fabulous! Keep an eye out for the article in an up and coming ADP.


More recently we could be seen at Design + Decoration at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This trade fair had everything you could think of when it comes to the latest in the fashion of interiors. I really enjoyed the seminar I attended showcasing the fabulous work of Thomas Hamel (see, I’m still embracing my inner decorator…). He put into words the latest fashion in high end decorating – global cross pollination: the ability to combine things that you love from all over the world, all cultures, time periods, styles into one cohesive, warm comfortable space. Fabulous ecletic styling…;)

I would have loved to have seen the discussion by Interiors Addict about social media for designers, but alas, we flew out to Tasmania for a lovely winter break in Hobart. It’s so lovely to remove yourself from your surroundings and discover new spaces. The places we enjoyed the most included food and/or coffee…!

So, back to reality….:)

We currently have a lovely practice in construction which I can’t wait to reveal…(hopefully in a few weeks…!) and another in design which will be up and running later in the year.

The latest ADP (May/June) edition showcases our project for Dr Peter Tien and Dr Christine Yu at Cockburn Orthodontics l Endodontics which coincides with their first year anniversary. Love that they are having another party!

And we are meeting with clients from years ago for minor updates, more recent clients who are wanting to fitout their ‘future planned’ surgeries and new client’s looking at expanding or starting new practices….busy, busy…:)



Australasian Dental Practice Magazine

Ego Squared ad

Have you seen the lastest Dental Practice magazine (March/April)…?

Check out our article in the Surgery Design section on our project for Dr Patrick O’Rourke – his practice in Noosa, Riverside Dental article.

We are a little excited too – adjacent is our new ad!

We wanted it to show our creative and artistic side and love the end result. Thanks to our fabulous graphic designer, Nicol!

Did you know that Anthony is not only a qualified interior designer, but is also a sculptor, jeweller and owned an antique shop…! Yep, he’s definitely one of those elusive, creative types…:)

Perth Prosthodontics…virtual tour!

I love getting the virtual tours of our projects onto the website…!

Dr Janice Kan’s new practic Perth Prosthodontics in South Perth was inspired by the ‘French Provincial’ look with soft furnishings and decorative mouldings. The three chair practice fits confortably in under 100sqm with a fabulous view of the Swan River through shady trees. 

 Check out the virtual tour here.

Tendering – why wouldn’t you…?

When I started my first position as a fresh faced interior designer 15 years ago, the construction for all of our projects were tendered. Then, as the economy improved, clients moved towards the attitude of ‘I just want it done’ leading to the Design/Construct model.

Fair enough.

However, I’ve always wondered ‘why wouldn’t you get more than one quote…?’ Why would you be dictated to by one builder? After all, I tend to check out prices from two or three different shops when spending $1000 – surely you’d do the same if you were investing a couple hundred thousand (often more)…?

However, things have changed. People are a lot more cautious since the GFC hit. We recommend going through a tender process for 90% of our projects. After all, you still need to wait for one price, it doesn’t take any longer to get three.

But what does that actually mean? How should a tender work?

Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Get three or four different builders to tender – more than that gets a bit unweildy.

2. Ensure that the builders are independant of your designer/architect to prevent any ‘topping up’ of design fees within the construction contract. The designer should be your (the Clients) advocate, not being dictated to by the builder.

3. Ensure the builders are independant of each other to prevent collusion. In small niche markets builders often get quotes from the same subcontractor, but they often get quotes from a number of subcontractors to ensure they prices are competitive.

4. You should be advised how your tender will be run and what the person running the tender will do during the process.

5. We recommend that each builder organise a meeting onsite with all his subcontractors during the tender period – this is a good opportunity for our Clients to meet each builder and see them in action (ie how they deal with their subcontractors, know the project, understand the site etc). As much as the final price is important it is also essential that you are comfortable with the builder.

6. The tenders should all be submitted by a certain time (again to prevent collusion) and should be sent to both you (the Client) and whoever is running the tender (ie the designer) at the same time. We generally try to schedule a meeting with our Client soon after the tenders are submitted to run through each price and any queries or concerns.

7. After the tender it is important to remember that some negotiations may still be required and you may choose to discuss these options with (we recommend) two of your preferred builders.

8. You must feel comfortable with your decision and not forced or frightened into signing up with a particular builder.

So, that’s it in a nut shell! Would love to hear your thoughts on the whole process – feel free to comment or if you prefer, send me an email…!

Happy holidays…!

This time of year tends to bring out all sorts of plans for the New Year. I’m not sure if it’s that everyone is tiring and all those niggling things that don’t work properly really start to get at you or spending time shopping and decorating gets the creative juices flowing. It could just be looking forward to starting a fresh, new year. Or maybe we’re just blinded by all the tinsel and fairy lights…:)!

Whatever the reason, we love it! If you’ve got big plans for a brand new practice in 2012 or just need a freshen up your existing space, we’d love to help. Although we may not be in the office over the break, we will still be available via email.

So have a great break and start thinking about all those new years resolutions (in between holidaying and spending time with your families, of course!).

Virtual Tour…

We have our first Virtual Tour of one of our projects in the Gallery – very excited that we can use this technology to showcase our work! Thanks to Marianne from Panthrough and the team from OM4 for putting this together for us.

Check out the one for Perth Periodontics here. We look forward to bringing more Virtual Tours of our projects soon.

Visual diary of a project…6

The construction is finished….! But this isn’t the end….theres still equipment to install, artwork to hang and the big ‘move in’. It always takes a little while to settle into a brand new practice – I liken it to moving into a new house – you need to get things just so.

These photos were taken last week. We can now see the flooring! The autoclaves are waiting to go into the steri (the colourback glass was just put in…). The security system is being installed. TV’s and monitors still to go in. But you get the idea!

Dental Practice magazine…!

One of our projects is in the Jan/Feb 2011 – check out Radny Periodontics on page 200 or here Dental Practice – RadnyPerio

This was a great project! It’s so satifying being able to transform a house into a dental surgery without compromising workflow and function. We were able to use many of the existing rooms keeping demolition to a minimum – it’s fantastic when it all falls into place and makes sense!

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